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Julia, Zaragoza

"Alexis is an amazing yoga teacher. I have experienced his passion and dedication for yoga and the students. In every class, he gives them support to find a way to enjoy yoga."


Mike, Amsterdam

"I have been taking private yoga classes with Alexis. He is a fantastic teacher, patient, and also pushes me out of my comfort zone. Great sense of humour and mixes it up to keep it fun and energizing."


Fritz, Nijmegen

"Alexis is quite distinctive from other teachers I have met. In his classes, I always sweat and he pushes me to my actual potential, without me feeling that I'm going beyond my limits. I really enjoy his way of interacting with the class, in which at times he can be someone close to a drill instructor and at other times a calm and meditative friend. I deeply enjoy the balance in his classes, and the focus on the body and mind in a holistic way."


Bianca, Amsterdam

"I first practiced Yoga with Alexis through the corporate yoga classes he taught at my office. I have learned to pay attention to my breath and correct my posture. His classes were easy to follow. Already after one class, I could feel a difference, both for my mind and body. He has a vast knowledge of different types of yoga, keeps the lessons varied, and adapts when needed."


Alejandro, Athens

"I was having a hard time being “with myself” at the beginning of the lockdown. The online yoga lessons with Alexis were very helpful. I started having less daily screen time and somehow I managed to start reconnecting with the present moment. Alexis feels a strong passion for yoga, and he transferred to me some of it, guiding with great sweetness and a lot of patience through his calm voice. Breathe."

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