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Alexis started practicing yoga in 2013, right when he moved to Amsterdam from his hometown of Madrid. His practice began with the intention to stay sane. As soon as he started joining yoga classes on a regular basis he noticed that my energy shifted. 

Six years later he was invited by his teacher to join a Yoga Teacher Training course at You Can Yoga. He believed it would be rewarding to deepen his practice and to learn more about the many different aspects of yoga.  As soon as he became a Certified Yoga Teacher he jumped right in and began to teach group, private, and corporate classes. 


Along with his work as yoga teacher, He is certified in neuromuscular deep tissue massage and yoga therapy for anxiety and depression courses. Making his scope on the benefits of movement and the human body even greater. 


His classes are cheerful, challenging, and hopefully with a light sense of humor.  He loves creating dynamic sequences inspired by different aspects of yoga and adapted to the curiosity of his students and their needs. 

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